Share the Wealth with Claire Peterson: Dancing Joy in the Eternal Ephemeral (Or—Why Everybody and Their Mother Should Take a Dance Class)

“Every faculty, every nerve is bent on communicating a definite idea. Not one iota of energy is wasted in fear.” -Agnes de Mille

This Sunday, I will share what I have learned on my journey with non-professional dance as a lover of story and beauty. Between classical ballet, Lindy Hop, improvisational brimmings-over, and running away from and into dance in El Salvador, I invite you to enter into the joy of movement as holistic, free, and human.

Claire Peterson is a junior at Saint Louis University majoring in English, Spanish, and International Studies.

Join us Sunday 10 April
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Claire begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Savannah Sisk
1817 Thurman
Apartment B
First floor, door on the left
Saint Louis, MO

Draw closer.
Come into this
Get your nose as close to the book as possible
Open your eyes wide
Feel the air on them
Live in the details
Draw closer
Nose to book
Slow down
Work harder
Turn out more
Stretch further
Lift higher
Become light
Draw closer
Nose to knee
Sink in
Rest more profoundly
Let go just a bit longer
Draw closer
Nose to pillow

I’m not sure I have a way to describe
That feeling that rises from your gut
Up to your shoulders
And releases out the back of your neck
I’m okay with that
One word isn’t close enough.

Claire Dancing

Claire Peterson; photo by Javier

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