Share the Wealth with Colin McLaughlin: ”The Clown as a Healer” 

Humor is the shortest distance between any two people. And to heal each other, we need to utilize that accessibility—especially in the health professions. Clowning can dispel fear and anxiety in patients and the served, validate emotions, hold up a mirror to them, share, join them wherever they are. It can also be pure childish fun.

I am a Clown Doctor at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital. I got my start and continue to work with The Gesundheit Institute, a humanitarian clown troupe with a knack for global outreach/grassroots activism (this group was founded by and includes Patch Adams, as well as dozens of wonderful loving givers). I have clowned in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, adult and children’s hospitals, resting homes, halfway homes, foster care units, impoverished communities, streets, parks,and public transit units, as well as in Saint Louis’ own Queen of Peace Center (they helped me get my current job).

Join us
This Sunday 26 June 2016
Potluck begins at 6:00 p.m.
Colin begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Colin and Laura
5226 Tholozan Avenue
Saint Louis, MO

Colin STW

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