Share the Wealth with Elizabeth Burkemper on Tuesday 6 July … Bovine Bodhisattvas: My Springtime of Cows, Poetry, and Compassion

With luddite pipe dreams, I struggle in general with living in an increasingly technological, frenzied, and noisy world, and in specific with taking my first year of graduate classes on Zoom. In the midst of my struggle this spring, however, I was saved by the compassion and companionship of the cows that live next to me on the farm. I wrote a short collection of poetry about this experience for my final project in a class called “Asian Religions and Ecology.” In it, I explore the idea of my cow companions as bodhisattvas—compassionate, enlightened beings who commit themselves to saving all other suffering beings—both in my life, and in consideration of what it means for all of us to abide in multispecies worlds in a climate crisis. I hope to share a little bit of my experiences and ideas with you!

Elizabeth is a grad student studying religion and ecology, as well as a lifelong farm dweller.

We gather on Tuesday 6 July
7:00 p.m. Central Time
Via Zoom