Share the Wealth with Hope Menninger: An Exercise in Compassion

From Hope …One of my favorite songs is “What Sarah Said” by a band named Death Cab for Cutie. Sarah’s punchline appears near the end of the song: “love is watching someone die.” After my mother’s illness and death, I was drawn to study theology, especially what God and religion have to say about human suffering and mortality. I’ve had the opportunity to study religion at Saint Louis University and Yale University. Over the past few years I have encountered death and suffering as an Emergency Medical Technician and hospital chaplain. I am working towards becoming a Physician Assistant with the purpose of continuing to be be present with and provide care for those who are sick and dying. I look forward to engaging in conversation about religion, suffering, medicine, and academia, and I will be glad to answer questions about my unique experiences!

Hope Menninger is an EMT, a chaplain at SLU Hospital, and an aspiring Physician Assistant. After completing a BA in theology from SLU and a MA in Religion at Yale Divinity School, she became a chaplain intern at SLU Hospital. Hope is originally from north Georgia and lives in St. Louis with her husband, Charlie, and border terrier, Gryphon.

Join us
Sunday 23 November
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Hope begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Savannah Sisk
4407 Forest Park Avenue Apartment E (Third floor)
Central West End 63108
Parking on Forest Park Avenue and Newstead

 Hope STW

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