Share the Wealth with Katrina Becker and Jonna Caraccio: The Glories of Friendship

While many of us are all too happy to leave our awkward high school selves firmly in the past, every once in a while we come across parts of that life experience we’re grateful to hold onto. In this case, it’s making a lifelong friend. Join us as Jonna and Katrina share about their nearly two decades (!) of friendship. From algebra and early-aughts fashion to jobs and plays at The Rep, we’ll chat the early days, adventures, yearly traditions, all that good stuff. And of course, we can’t wait to hear your own stories of meaningful friendships! It’s time to celebrate recuperating our humanity, one awkward high school memory at a time.  

Katrina on Jonna: Jonna is a proud St. Louisan equally proud of her Mexico, MO roots. When she’s not imbuing her students with a love of reading, she can usually be found beautifying her garden or cherishing her two cats. Some of her many hobbies/passions include: native plants, afternoon tea, classical music and classic literature; scary stories; solo camping;cooking new recipes; and of course spending time with loved ones. Also she can play the harp!

Jonna on Karina:  Katrina is a true devotee of literary quests that include encounters with Jane Austen, Dorothy Day, and the saints that strengthen her faith.  Along with literary adventures, she’s an experienced traveler, having visited Germany for the past few years, bringing back fond memories of her family and a love athathfor Europe that continues to grow with each visit. Katrina can be found enjoying high tea at the London Tea Room, and dedicates time to finding new experiences in her beloved city, St. Louis. 

Join us!
Sunday 30 April
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 pm
Katrina and Jonna begin sharing at 6:45
At the home of Chris Wallach
5 E. Lake Road
Fenton, MO

From Chris: Directions from Google will take you to the mailbox at the end of my gravel road. Follow the gravel. When you see a three car garage (my mother’s house) look to the right for a right turn. Follow that down to the bottom of the hill and you will arrive at my house.

Text me if you get lost–314-807-8769 (Mark)

“I also do yoga and Tai Chi. I learned to drink tea in Japanese style, calmly, with serenity, without speaking about serious things. This is all so essential to recuperate our humanity — to liberate what is most fine, most noble, most profound, most human within us. Life isn’t only struggle. It’s struggle and play! Work and dance — like the Greeks and Spartans who prepared for war with ceremonies of music and dance! Five years ago we thought these things were bourgeois. Today we’ve rediscovered that they are good”
—Father Clodovis  Boff, The Struggle Is One

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