Share the Wealth with Rebecca Gorley: The Overnight Janitor

Loss is universal.
The impact of loss is unpredictable.

Overnight Janitor tells these stories.
Anyone can be an Overnight Janitor.

The idea for Overnight Janitor originated from incessant feelings and observations of loss. Even though we experience loss everyday, we don’t always talk about it– the stories go untold, and unseen.

Overnight Janitor tells the stories about loss and the impact we could never predict. Rebecca Gorley, aka “Z,” first started talking about this project in 2016, and published Overnight Janitor in 2018. Throughout Z’s time in STL, her focus has remained on listening to people’s stories and valuing their spoken and shared words.

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Join us
Sunday 12 August
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Rebecca begins sharing at 6:45
At Rebecca’s apartment
4565 Oakland Avenue
Apartment 2E
Forest Park Southeast


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