Share the Wealth with Sarah Nash– Humanizing Life: Stories of East St. Louis

When I first began my studies at SLU three years ago, I quickly learned from my peers, my professors, and St. Louis natives that I should do everything in my power to stay on the Missouri side of Mississippi River. And I did. For two and a half years, the extent of my contact with East St. Louis consisted of driving through it on I-64 between St. Louis and my hometown of Louisville, KY. This remained true until this past January when I exited I-64 in East St. Louis for the first time to begin my semester-long internship at East Side Heart & Home Family Center. Over the past seven months, I have been transformed as my life has become intertwined with the lives of the people in East St. Louis. Come listen, reflect, and share on the importance of a person-first approach as we study history, work at our jobs, and interact with others on a daily basis. Thomas Merton speaks much truth in his “Letter to a Young Activist” when he writes: “In the end, it is the reality of personal relationships that saves everything.”

Sarah Nash just finished her third year at SLU where she studies American Studies, African American Studies and Sociology. She is currently discerning what career path will allow her to combine her passions of urban social justice, conversations, and writing.

Join us
Sunday 14 June
Potluck begins at 6:00 p.m.
Sarah begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of the Vincentian Volunteers
2912 Arsenal Street
St. Louis, MO


Sarah Nash and friends

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