Ten Minutes Sitting in Mini Cooper, Laclede Avenue, Writing Five Texts of Appreciation for Five Friends While Waiting for Cami

I appreciate that you
call me “Marcos,” that you 
share your brilliant,
broken soul with me
that you are motivated
by the state of the world 
beyond yourself to care

I appreciate how almost
thirty years ago we
went to Guatemala,
accompanied by your
beautiful bodhisattva
boyfriend, Lago Atitlán, 
Tikal, Hotel España, and 
“the closest thing to a
Nazi state in the 
Western Hemisphere”

I appreciate our table at
Northwest, how you
manifest brightness
when we are together, 
that you feel the wide
deep soul of yourself
and the world

I appreciate how almost
ten years ago you
hosted an event for me
in your communal living
room, November 2006,
it was a joy to see you
living your D.C. life
Namaste forever 

I appreciate your
willingness to get up
early—on a Sunday no
less-and visit with
me—ah, you just pulled 

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