Some of Jack’s Dharma

Practice recognition of complete emptiness of all things at all times, under every condition, everywhere, and you will learn by yourself what Buddha preached.

Free from Desire: What I really only want, what Ma’s given me, is freedom to do nothing.—- … So I wont re-attach myself to brunettes, French movies and banana splits—-

Happiness won’t come from coddling the senses but from cultivating the mind.

Society is a system of lures, I’M THROUGH WITH IT.

Learn to be bored and unhigh and unexcited or leave this world—What’s fame and fortune but a big nervous binge? What have you got to do with what  any of your friends think, Paisan?

What is my book but just making history among the fools—the sooner I  give up literary attainment the sooner Enlightenment will come to me—If on my deathbed day I’m still involved in literary matters I’ll deserve the most painful of rebirths—-Milarepa, save me!

“Worldly acquisitions of wealth and the need of clinging to them, as well as the pursuit of the Eight Worldly Aims, I regard with as much loathing and disgust as  man who is suffering from biliousness regardeth the sight of rich food. Nay, I regard them as if they were murderers of my father; therefore it is that I am assuming this beggarly and penurious mode of life.” —Milarepa

Practice wishing happiness to all your friends, acquaintances, & enemies…

–Jack Kerouac, Some of the Dharma

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