Sometime, Somewhere, Someone’s Saying…

Dear Bella Balaban

“That higher-up in the Vietnamese Politburo who died of cancer—what a decent guy!”

“I miss—I really do—our last dictator. He was so intelligent and really tried to make la Guardia more diverse.”

“Sure, he was an elite of the S.S., but he was a master of civility in those difficult times.”

“My prof told me that he has relatives in several prominent Putin-approved positions; his readings of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are sans pareil.”

“Did I dream this, or did First Lady Trump say her ‘partner-in-crime’ was Harvey Weinstein?”

Live and let live, right?
(The Algemeiner will go to their shul, I’ll go to mine.)

Just like the Yemeni children
And the Iraqi
And the Pakistani
And the Afghan
And the Vietnamese
And the Libyan
And the Chilean
And the Salvadoran
And the Laotian
And the Nicaraguan
And the Gazan
And the East Timorese
And the Guatemalan
And the Navaho children …

We all wanna be happy,
We all wanna avoid suffering.


–from work near completion, Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris

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