Spiritual Exercises (for Social Workers, Nurses, Parents, Teachers, Students…)

“To take flight” every day! At least for a moment, which may be brief, so long as it is intense. A “spiritual exercise” every day—alone or in the company of a person who also wants to better herself.

Spiritual exercise. Leave duration behind. Try to strip yourself of your own passions, of the vanities and the rash of noise surrounding your name (which, from time to time, itches like a chronic affliction). Flee backbiting. Strip yourself of pity and of hatred. Love all free human beings. Become eternal by transcending yourself.

This effort upon yourself is necessary; this ambition is just. Many are those who become completely absorbed in militant politics and the preparation of the social revolution. Few, very few, are those who, to prepare for the revolution, are willing to make themselves worthy of it.

—Georges Friedmann


Crowds, noise, speed; long hours, growing demands, frustrating conflicts; juggling multiple commitments:, relationships, projects: Do you ever hear yourself saying, “I want my life to stop!”

This course will introduce a number of spiritual exercises from various traditions to address these challenges in our day to day lives. French philosopher Pierre Hadot defines spiritual exercises “as voluntary, personal practices meant to bring about a transformation of the self.”

Class time will afford one-on-one exchange, group input, practice on the spot, and time for journaling (participants will keep a notebook to examine issues in light of practicing one exercise during a particular week).

if you are interested in joining us, message me.  If you know someone who might be interested in this class, please pass on this info.

The Specifics:
Frequency: Weekly for six weeks
When: Tuesdays September 22, 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27
Where: The home of Patrick and Cristina Cousins — 3856 Utah Place, Saint Louis 63116
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
Tuition $100 (cash or check, payable to Mark Chmiel).

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