Support a Gaza Cancer Center

It’s an honor to know Dr. Zeina Kiblawi; please consider making a contribution to this project. She writes:

“Hi everyone! On April 1st, I’m running in the Palestine “Right to Movement” Marathon (I’ll be doing the 10K!!) in Bethlehem, Palestine to raise funds for building the first and only children’s cancer deptartment in the Gaza Strip. In the U.S. we are able to effectively treat most childhood cancers, with a survival rate of almost 90%. Early treatment is crucial, but due to the Israeli military blockade, children fighting cancer in Gaza are unable to access standard of care treatment. The “Right to Movement” Marathon is a perfect way to symbolize the challenges that our children fighting cancer in Gaza face.  Instead of sending them abroad, PCRF plans to bring services to them that will save lives and help reduce the suffering of these poor children and their families. PCRF has already successfully built a cancer treatment center in the West Bank and construction is currently underway in building an even better facility in Gaza   I hope you can make a donation on behalf of my run so it can go towards building this vital pediatric oncology department in Gaza. Thank you!!

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