Tears Are OK

I tell you a joke
And no surprise
You laugh

You don’t censor your laughter
Do you?

You only censor it
If you realize
It will hurt someone

Your laughter is a natural outflow of energy

Same with tears
No need to apologize
No reason to squirm

If they come when
You are reading aloud
Something in your notebook

If they come when
We’re reading one
Of Rachel Corrie’s emails

The tears are a natural outflow of energy

We can be with your tears
Your tears aren’t taboo
Your tears are your truths

Each time the bell sounds
May we realize
We are all connected

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  1. Rachel Corrie story brought tears to my eyes. Your people willing to stand for peace and they are killed. Make me realize the weakness of the word. Rachel is the example of love and strength. We cannot forget her. Thank you for the poem.

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