The Art of Living: Munindra/1

The following reflections by Bengali Buddhist Anagarika Munindra  come from the inspiring  book by Mirka Knaster, Living This Life Fully: Stories and Teachings of Munindra.

Mostly you’re living in the world of thoughts.  11

I don’t believe in not possible.  29

You should be very clear about the practice and why you’re doing it. 42

Whatever I teach, I teach wholeheartedly, not halfheartedly.  75

I believe in human beings. Human beings I trust because all people have their essential qualities. When you can touch their heart, they respond. I trusted in their goodness and they all became supportive.  104

Whatever feelings you have, that is happening now, but it will go after some time. So you must learn to be patient.  123

If I do not love myself, I cannot love others also. If we really love ourselves, we cannot think wrongly, cannot talk wrongly, cannot act wrongly. If you know how to love yourself, then you do not bring hatred anywhere.  Mind is the forerunner of all good and evil. When mind becomes purified, it creates good karma. When mind is nonpolluted, then your action will be pure, the world will be pure. When you talk, it will be wise, nice, friendly. If you do not understand your anger and mind is influenced by anger, it becomes poisonous, and you suffer physically. When you act, it will create tension. It is the same for everybody.   141

Metta brings loving-kindness, makes you healthy. If you do anything good for others, it is good for you. Hatred never ceases through hatred in this world. Through love alone it ceases. This is an eternal law. There is no American love, Indian love–no difference. The mind  is a wonderful force. Pervade your whole being with loving thoughts, from your pure heart. If you love your enemies, you will have no enemies. This is the only way, so you can be helpful to the universe. 141

Most of our problems are because of our ignorance; we are not aware. Dhamma means to become aware.  150

Wherever I am, I am home, so I am always happy. 169

No end of knowledge!  So from every side–from all plants and trees, insects and animals–I’ve been learning. 182

This “I” is the greatest hindrance to the path of enlightenment.  202

Everything is impermanent, even my teeth. 203

It’s all a passing show.  Just watch it.  213

All of this is just bubbles. It’s going to rise up and pass away. You just need to let it do that.  213

Just observe it in equanimity.  216

If you are mindful, you can choose with wisdom how to respond. If you are not mindful, your life is run by reactivity. It’s up to you.  217

Dipa Ma and Munindra

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