The Price of Peace by Rob Trousdale

I read Goldtooth on climate change
while I contemplate buying new construction

I read Maurin on simplicity
while I lay 6.5 on the Knicks (-130) at the Garden

I read Wolff on capitalism
while I brush by Trinidad cleaning

I read Finkelstein on Palestine
while I fly in Boeing jets

I read Gutierrez on liberation
while I inherit my Pappa’s Caterpillar stock

I read Nhat Hanh on meditation
while I swing through McDonald’s drive thru

I read Bukowski on despair
when I wake up
face the sun
straighten my back
and struggle to pull up my socks

– inspired by Mark Chmiel’s poesy on Colman McCarthy’s take of Soren Kierkegaard’s influence on Daniel Berrigan


–Rob is a teacher in Minneapolis.

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