What a Wedding’s Good for

With its three major conflicts brewing
(“you’re on my side, aren’t you?”)

And seven minor ones simmering
(“he was a loser then, he’s even worse now”)

The bride’s burning eyes
(“there’s only one way to look at this”)

The groom’s wearied ears
(“she was always that way… I remember when she was five, she…”)

The snarkiness about who’s not a bridesmaid
(“I see she follows the Mafia principle when it comes to friendship”)

The uncle and aunt bragging nonstop about their son the super-neurosurgeon
(“he made $500,000 last year, did I tell you?”)

The expense, the ego, the display
(“we’re keeping it simple; we only invited 650”)

Each and every hour of it—
This is all for your mindfulness practice

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