What I Wrote the Night before You Spoke (Gratitude Journal/8)

Suhad,  I thank you even before you speak tomorrow because
I know you’ll be passionate
I know you’ll tell your truths
I know you will be fierce and charming
I know you will honor your family and loved ones
I know you will put people at their ease and make them squirm in their seats
I know you will make the connection between Veolia and the West Bank
I know you will elevate people’s understanding of the Palestinian struggle for freedom
I know you will make people cry
I know you will raise your voice
I know you will whisper
I know if 7 people come or 70
You’ll be totally present as you open your heart

Thank you for going to Palestine for the first time
Thank you for coming to Forest Park Community College
Thank you for hungering and thirsting for justice

–November 6, 2013


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