When I Listen and Re-listen to Your Messages

I listened to your voicemail at 3:21 am today
Or is it tomorrow?

I’m lost, but it doesn’t matter
Because I always have your voice messages to reorient me

Working the night shift
14 hours

Finally took a break
Walked outside

Sat on a bench
Watched the trees sway

And I listened to your messages
It was perfect

Your messages are like that first moment
When I hit the couch after a long day

Like the relief of a cough drop
When I have a sore throat

Like taking off my shoes
When I’ve walked in heels for 18 hours

Like a piece of chocolate!!
Anytime really 🙂

Like when it’s raining
But then the sun comes out!

Like the simple relief of a cool breeze
On a hot summer day

I save each one
I savor each one

And over


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