Your Life Is Your Message: A Toast

An older Gujarati man was sitting in a train about to leave
When a reporter came up to his compartment window and asked

“Do you have a message I can take back to my people?”
It was Mohandas Gandhi’s day of silence

So he didn’t reply but took a piece of scrap paper
Scrawled a few words on it

And handed it to the reporter
On it was written: “My life is my message”

In all the seven years I’ve known you both
I could say the same about you

Your passion for justice
Your willingness to repeatedly leave your comfort zone

Your dedication to the forgotten and the oppressed and the traumatized
Your accompaniment of people struggling for a decent life

In Guatemala and Palestine
South Africa and Saint Louis

Your life together
Is your message

May we walk with you in the decades to come
Here’s to to Nima and Matt!

Plainfield, Illinois


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