“C’mon, You Can’t Really Be Serious with All This Buddhism-Shmuddism!”


Geshe Rabten & Geshe Dhargyey,  Advice from a Spiritual Friend


The faults we criticize in others are only our own projected onto them; if they were not, they would not bother us, and we would not even notice them. [13]

Should we have studied two hundred volumes only for intellectual stimulation and gain, they will never be of ultimate benefit to us. The assimilation of two pages of essential instructions with pure motivation is more valuable than years of studying texts for selfish reasons. [15] 

Adverse circumstances test our courage, our strength of mind, and the depth of our conviction in the Dharma. [19]

Letting ourselves be blown about by the winds of negativities indicates that we have a completely misguided approach to life. Instead, we should savor the lasting delight that arises from skillful behavior and meditation. [29]

We must recognize that all our faults and problems are actually within us. The principal cause of them is the ignorant self-cherishing attitude that narrows our attention to only one person: our own self.  [88]

Yet our self-cherishing attitude—the true enemy—allows us time for only brief and comparatively unsympathetic thoughts for the numberless beings who have greater misfortunes than we.  [89]

To act in reprisal is an endless process and serves only to prolong our difficulties. On the other hand, if we react with patience and love, then our would-be enemy has no object for anger and will gradually clam down. [101]

The Dharma is like food: we gain no benefit from merely looking at it. To receive its full value we must digest it through meditation and integration into our lives.[ 108]

In order to abandon this self-cherishing attitude completely, we should constantly keep the vow of cherishing others. [123]

We should unhesitatingly give ourselves to any beneficial task, no matter what it might be. We should be like warriors and face any task without a trace of fear or reticence.  [127]

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