Share the Wealth with Elizabeth House: Stumbling Through the Writing Process Energized by Diet Pepsi and Peer Pressure

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”  Elizabeth House was told this once while working in a facility where the residents were struggling with different areas of addiction.  She learned in that experience, and many others, that this statement could not be more true.  She has had a few people in her life encouraging her to write a book for well over a decade.  Narrowing the topic was always a struggle until it wasn’t.  While she had interviewed numerous authors and friends that had more diverse writing experiences than herself, nothing really ever clicked.  There were too many areas of interest for her to narrow it down.  Then one weekend between her last two terms of grad school, she sat down. She stocked her refrigerator with diet pepsi and wrote.  It took 72 hours.  Then the work actually began.

Elizabeth House’s resume  presents herself  as a 37 year-old with commitment issues.  She has three masters degrees because she enjoys being in debt.  Floating through the world of academia has been a true joy that is nearing its end (for now).  She will have a little more time in life to spend more quality time with her five-year-old son, walk across bridges, read for pleasure, be outside, volunteer, and begin tearing her book apart.  There will maybe even be time to write another.  It only takes a weekend.

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