Dr. Mengele’s Granddaughter

In one of my talks, in the Droste Huelshof Gymnasium in Freiburg, I spoke about my own Holocaust-related experience, as well as about my work as a research analyst at  the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi doctors who performed medical experiments on concentration camp inmates. I was told ahead of time that the granddaughter  of the infamous Dr. Mengele would be present. She had been offered the opportunity not to be present, but chose to be there. In deference to her, I did not mention Dr. Mengele’s name, feeling she is probably carrying enough of a burden. She remained silent during the question and  answer period. I was told that she is a very reserved person. The family changed its name and  moved out of the family home. A little over 200 students attended my talk. She was not pointed out to me.

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