This Is the Truth

Dear _______________
When you are having a tough time living in ____________–
Bluesy weary wondering
“What the fuck was I thinking?”
Accusing yourself of selling out–
Take a minute or five
And think of all the people who have touched you
Decade after decade
The living and the dead
The famous and the wretched
Strangers and your most intimate beloveds
Friends and foes
Incalculable influences
Directed your way
Day after day
Year after year!!!
An unfinishable list of wonders!

And then consider for a few minutes
How you yourself have touched
Liberated, influenced
Soothed, animated
Innumerable persons
(Don’t roll your eyes!
Don’t dispute me!
This is the truth!)
From this coast to that coast
And even beyond
Week after week
Month after month

Know this:
A Life-line
A Wake Up Call
A Reason to Live
A Why to Love
You’ve been
You are
And ever shall be


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