Sunday 2 December 2012

Thanks to Daisy Frenchwell for helping with raking the yard and making a delicious fruit salad
Thanks to the all people who liked today’s photo of a tanned, twenty-year-old Mev in Tijuana
Thanks to Adi Ophir and Ariella Azoulay for writing the book, The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine
Thanks to Dr. Neeta Shenai for a dear phone message and memories of Bissinger’s
Thanks to Molly Linehan for sending The Book of Mev to a friend
Thanks to Maria Roselle for sharing a lot about Brasil, bringing me my winter gloves and celebrating George Bailey
Thanks to Fatima Rhodes for circulating her ode, Little Miracles
Thanks to Katie Kilcline for biking with me in the darkness and swapping our moments from when we lived abroad
Thanks to Haile Keleta for the great mac and cheese
Thanks to Nicole, Taylor, Ashley, Katie, Tres, and Haile for coming to the Arandas
Thanks to Tony Albrecht for noticing the asbestos in the soccer field in Nicaragua
Thanks to La Dolce Via staff for making the fudge brownies to take to tonight’s potluck
Thanks to Magan Wiles for the beautyache response to Dear Layla, which I’ve read five times
Thanks to Laura Aranda for reading through The Struggle is One and reading aloud from her Nicaraguan journal tonight
Thanks to Mollie Mohan who reads with appreciation the stuff I put on this Facebook
Thanks to Deepa Kumar for writing the book, Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire
Thanks to Josh Aranda for hosting
Thanks to Matt for repairing my bike at Randy’s Recycled Cycles
Thanks to all the people (paid and unpaid) who keep Forest Park lovely
Thanks to our small group at Share the Wealth: Fatima, Marilyn Lorenz, Lindsey Weston, and Cami Kasmerchak
Thanks to Jenn Reyes Lay for commenting on the power of The Struggle is One
Thanks to all the people who remember the U.S. martyrs—Ita, Dorothy, Jean, and Maura
Thanks to Violeta Parra for her recording of Gracias a la vida

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