Robert Henri
Makes me think of you!

You’re a book-opener
A soul-opener

A seer
An enlightener

A listener
A dare-angel

A possibility-generator
A disturber of the official line

An embodiment of the operative line
Of Love first

Thank you for sharing with me yesterday
For entrusting to me all you said and couldn’t say

For remembering Szymborska (!!)
For energizing me

Miss you and grateful
For your interbeing with me

Dr C


“When the artist is alive in any person, whatever her kind of work may be, she becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive creature.  She becomes interesting to other people. She disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and opens ways for a better understanding. Where those who are not artists are trying to close the book, she opens it and shows there are still more pages possible.”

 –Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Running Low on Stamps


  1. Thank you for this! I see your posts (sometimes) and miss seeing you and others. My life got turned upside down, for better or worse, and I now live in Minnesota. I came
    in the snowy, frigid winter which has blossomed into a lovely spring with the weather as unpredictable as it can be. I live near one of my daughters and her
    daughter. It’s been a very difficult time for me but I am slowly settling in.
    I see your occasional posts and always appreciate them. Calm in the midst of chaos.
    Love and PEACE, Carol

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