Share the Wealth with Emma Prince and Laura Weis: The Joys of Archivists

Emma, a certified archivist, founded Backlog after losing a university archives job early on in the pandemic. Before founding Backlog, she applied to 500+ jobs tangentially related to library science. Not ready to leave archives, she founded Backlog to serve organizations that have archives (or messy closets) but don’t necessarily need a full-time archivist.

For the past few years, Laura’s been getting reacquainted with her hometown of St. Louis after stints in South Bend, Indiana, for grad school, and Washington, DC, to lobby with the Quakers. She took Mark’s Social Justice course at SLU in 2004, and knowingly or not, he’s played some part in just about every turn her life has taken since then—including introducing her to Emma last spring, after hearing her wax poetic about wanting to work in an archive for the umpteenth time. One year later, she’s working with Backlog and loving every minute of it.

Join us
Sunday 26 June
Emma and Laura begin sharing 7:00pm. Central Time
By Zoom: Email me for URL–

Laura and Emma

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