Her Favorite Photograph

Out of the blue
She texted me
First, there was a photo:
Then Lena Laserstein
Wrote underneath it:
“My favorite photograph”

Being ever so curious
I wrote her back:
“Why do you like it so?”
Lena: “It’s perfect

Blurry …
I’d like to be
In that photo
Some day”

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

It’s true

There’s no cottage industry feeding off of your collected poems
There aren’t seven young scholars writing dissertations from various disciplines on your life and work
There’s not been a single academic conference on your intertextuality
In the worlds of the University and Poetry you are a nobody

You simply write like you talk
You live close to the precipice
You radiate cheerfulness and candor
Your verbal vibrations enter me and grow there

I’d much rather read your poems than the latest New York impermanent phenom

All These Years

Being privy
To the universe
In which you orbit
Like Hale-Bopp
Has been the joy of my life
And the awe for my eyes

Start with a Postcard

Seriously, send me some of your random ricochet words ASAP
Old school style via USPS
Your wild mind that existed eons before TFA
Your dream mind that will be glowing long after the NSA

Absolutely Sweet J. Marie

You grace my little world
Within this whirl of worlds

The Old Days

The old days of Enneagram exchanges
The old days of “noisy contemplation”
The old days of Wendell Ford
The old days of the FSLN
The old days of Buzz Parsons
The old days of home-made spring rolls in Middletown
The old days of 319 Idlewylde Drive
The old nights of carpet burns
The old days of Corinto
The old days of Xela
The old days with you
When we were young

The Power of Bollywood Shmalts

At a red light at 14th and Tucker
Listening to “Soni Soni”

My eyes fill with tears
Thinking of you

This page is part of my book, Dear Love of Comrades, which you can read here.

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