Sempre Avanti

Dear Caterina
What I want—

To mediate with you for 60 minutes
And not a peep from me

Our eyes closed I’ll silently chant
A mantra to you, for you

Quelle surprise … I missed you
And often did breathing meditation

Or listened to Dylan (from the 70s)—
“My patron saint is a-fighting with a ghost

He’s always off somewhere when I need him most”
Tuning in to a different frequency

Because that third week I feared!—
Were you having a breakdown???

But I learned that in the midst
Of that inferno you weren’t inferno

That ancient metaphor can be dusted off
Death (May) and Resurrection (August)

I know you’re resilient (flex those spiritual biceps!)
Just like me you don’t wanna be weak

But some truths can only be learned
By looking up from the bathroom floor

Re-entry is a process
Like trying to read Montale to begin learning Italian

Me? I was smiling ear-to-nose
Returning to mere Missouri from the minatory Middle East

My heart expanded over there like yours did in Cinisi
Put it to good account on the home front

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