Written in the Margins of “Golden Eternity”

Jack Kerouac, The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
City Lights Pocket Poet Series #51
Introductions by Anne Waldman and  Eric Mottram

I had fun sparring with Jackie K with his slapdash scripture. I am Jack, that’s for sure!  Do I wanna keep suffering like he suffered?  All the sutras I read and translate and write poems off of will never deliver me because it’s always and ever just this: be mindful here and now to exert right effort as regards my wayward mind.

Anne Waldman: “We’re all just conglomerations of tendencies, hopeless bundles of quivering meat bound on a wheel. We have no souls, no tangible selves”   … OK, but don’t announce this on Mother’s Day.

Samsara and nirvana inter-are, might as well cultivate  generosity and skillful means.

Buddha is Golden Eternity
Golden Be-Here-Now
Golden The-Present Moment

Your Golden Eternity is 

What I and you and everyone
Who works for MSNBC has in common—
One day soon we’re all gonna stop breathing.

Only one smiling unimaginably vast golden-silver-cobalt interbeing trans-universe

Ultimate dimension and historical dimension: “There is a blessedness surely to be believed, and that is that everything abides in eternal ecstasy, now and forever.”  [Well, not when you were getting beat up on NYC pavement, drunk again, that wasn’t eternal ecstasy, now was it?] 

Bliss comes and goes
But I’m empty of a Separate
Rugged Individualistic Self

Knowing the thing is no-thing
To know  one thing is made of of 10,000 things

Jack, your “record of Karma-earned fate”
Is just an abstract notion of mind
Nothing to get hung about
Golden Eternity Fields For-eh-vah

There It Is, the Dharmakaya
If we take off our Bono sunglasses
And look, see
with Ekagrata!

Mara can cite the Lankavatara Sutra for his purpose

JK: “It’s impossible to exist, it’s impossible to be persecuted, it’s impossible to miss your reward.”  [Then why so sullen about reviews of your books?]

You say that “Plum Village is everywhere”?
I can see you’ve never been in the infield 
At Churchill Downs
The first Saturday of May

Breathing in, I channel basic sociability
Breathing out, Tucker Carlson is OK

JK: “You’re the golden eternity and it must be done by you. And means one thing: Nothing-Ever-Happened. This is the golden eternity.” [Whaddaya mean nothing ever happened? The publication of On The Road never happened?]

Anne Waldman didn’t “cancel” Kerouac. I won’t either.  Maybe now at the ripe young age of 62, I’ll give a few hours to Big Sur.

“84,000 teachings!
Man, I figured UMSLE Step One was tough!”
—Layla Espinoza

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