Where Antiwar Efforts Begin and End by Andrew Wimmer

I received the following reflection from my friend Andrew this morning…

Here is Boeing’s latest press release about fighter jet training capabilities coming to St. Louis.  And Lacy Clay’s (MO 1-D) elation:

“I’m proud that Boeing has trust in the highly skilled workforce in my district, and I look forward to the economic opportunity these jobs will bring for our community and the Missouri supply chain,” added U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay, who represents Missouri’s first district that includes Boeing’s St. Louis facility.

What Clay refers to as the “Missouri supply chain” I have called just one piece in the larger Kill Chain.  As new links such as this one are added to the Kill Chain, it receives scant attention.  When the Kill Chain unleashes its mature destructive force in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere, it is several decades too late for serious antiwar activity.

Clay is consistently re-elected as a member of the Progressive Black Caucus, yet he votes without fail for Boeing and its “economic opportunity.”

Our focus has to be on the fallacy of this economic equation that is accepted as gospel across the political spectrum.

PS–Trump will be in Saudi Arabia this week to celebrate a $100 billion arms deal.  Will he be impeached for that?

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