Our Gifts to the World (A Very Partial List)

Please remember Victor Jara,
In the Santiago Stadium,
Es verdad – those Washington Bullets again
—The Clash


Washington Bullets
(We’re still making the world safe for democracy)

Washington Little Boy and Fat Man
(We stand for what is right … and God blesses us, too)

Washington Napalm
(Aren’t we’re the most generous nation on earth)

Washington CBUs
(Who can compare with us)

Washington Smart Missiles
(Consider the awesome nobility of our intentions)

Washington Depleted Uranium
(See how much we love freedom)

Washington Daisy Cutter
(Remember all the places we’ve touched)

Washington White Phosphorous
(Count all the beneficial changes we’ve initiated)

Washington Drones
(Imagine all the people affected by what we’ve done)

Washington M-16s
(When you stop and think about it…)

Washington Apache helicopter gunships
(…We’re pretty amazing)

Washington Tiger Cages
(Aren’t we)

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  1. Mark, thank you for this vivid, accurate and important reminder. I well remember the first 9/11 of 1973 and once again experiencing how complicit I am as a witness and a citizen who is greatly saddened by the enormity of these and so many dark deeds. To cloak them in bright garb makes the crime so intensely insidious. Perhaps our words might shine some hope.

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