Words Not Hearable in the US Mainstream

Obama challenged Raúl Castro on Cuba’s human rights record
And though Fidel is renowned for his loquacity, Raúl himself could have gone on for hours to Obama—

Elaborating on the fact of a million U.S. dollars a day during the 80s
for the Salvadoran government’s slaughters

Detailing the ardent U.S. support for General Pinochet
Who upped the torture rate for the good of God and Copper

Itemizing G.W. Bush’s war crimes in Iraq
Aggression being the supreme violation of international law

Citing the various U.S. abominations
Down the road there in Guantanamo, still open

Highlighting the U.S. enthusiasm for Somozan family dictators
Who “massacred their own people,” a familiar phrase, no?

Reminding the U.S. president that he is Asesino Numero Uno
Via the drones he sees fit to use

Wondering aloud why the U.S. seems to have no problem with the Saudi dictatorship,
And its propensity for capital punishment, flogging, and other such niceties for its citizens

Recommending to the U.S. president and handing him a copy of E. Galeano’s Century of the Wind
For insight on the U.S. values as manifested in the interventions in the D.R., Haiti, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Uruguay, for starters


–work-in-progress, Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tusris

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